Teaching before travelling

The language barrier remains, again and again, the greatest barrier to the integration of foreign workers. Without an understanding of the local language, it is difficult for workers to understand the expectations of an employer, nor can he create, maintain relationships or communicate his feelings about his work situation. For all these reasons, learning French becomes essential, as part of a process of integrating the foreign workforce.

On the other hand, the foreign worker is here to work and not to study! The company that hired him is in great need of his services and she cannot lose him to the school benches for months to learn a language.

This is where the FFWQ (Frenchization of Foreign Workers in Quebec) program offers a customized, efficient and flexible solution that allows companies to train their workers to integrate them properly, while they are at work full-time.

French courses are available on-site, as well as online at any time of the day or night. The Charpentier method is a unique teaching method that has proven to be successful with more than 125,000 candidates over the years. It allows a rapid learning of the basics of the language in order to offer autonomy to candidates in the pursuit of their learning.

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