• Private courses

    Personalized, accelerated learning

Private courses are ideal for anyone concerned with developing their language skills, regardless of their initial level. Our customizable format enables us to build a unique training program based on your specific needs.

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  • Group courses

    Get past any discomfort and discover the joy of learning!

Group courses (3 to 8 students) give learners the opportunity to exchange ideas and have discussions among themselves and with the teacher. They learn while conversing exclusively in the target language.

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  • Immersion packages

    Practice your second language in an authentic environment

Immersion packages are entertaining training activities for a day or more during which you or your small group use only the target language.

- Board games day
- Tour of Montreal
- Weekend in Toronto
- Share your suggestions!

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  • Translation / Revision

    For flawless documents

CLIC provides translation and revision services in various languages and experienced professionals thoroughly verify all of our translations.

Are you applying for a new job? We can make sure your resumé and cover letter stand out as being impeccably written in the target language.

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