Discover your employees’ linguistic potential

CLIC offers language assessment services to determine the excellence level at which your employees use their second language. Oral and written evaluations give you a clear picture of their knowledge and effectiveness when communicating in the second language during their respective work mandates.

  • Pre-hiring assessments

Would you like to evaluate your applicant’s bilingualism? Why not include CLIC in your hiring process? CLIC can determine the language proficiency level of your prospective candidates to avoid unpleasant surprises and recruit people who meet your needs.

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect candidate, but they lack the required second language proficiency for the given position? CLIC is here to get them to achieve the desired level.

  • Position assessments

The bilingualism requirements for each position may vary, depending on your current context or expansion policy. CLIC can help you to put the right person in the right place or to assess the language training costs related to promoting employees, integrating into new markets or determining the required second language level for newly created positions.

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