Language courses

We provide private, semi-private and group courses in our training centres, online or at your office.

Our language courses meet your needs.

  • Private or semi-private courses

    For personalized, accelerated learning

Private and semi-private (2 students) courses are the ideal formats to assist you in the upgrade of your language skills, to improve your knowledge, to eliminate persistent language mistakes and to reach specific goals more swiftly.

  • Group courses

    Get your staff together

Group courses (3 to 8 students) promote communication among your employees by combining conversation and learning. Bring strategic groups together to create new dynamic interaction.

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Online Language Classes

  • Learning from the comfort of your home is now possible with the help of our experienced teachers!

Our online group classes are an affordable and dynamic way to learn a second language. Ideally suited for beginner-level learners, it is a great way to overcome shyness while acquiring the basic skills to communicate in a new language. New online group classes can begin anytime, anywhere, and are offered all year round.

  • Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et offrez-vous la liberté linguistique.

Document translation

  • Translation and revision services

    For flawless documents

CLIC provides translation and revision services in various languages and experienced professionals thoroughly verify all of our translation work.

Our translation prices are established according to:
• The current language of the document;
• The language of the document is to be translated in;
• The amount of words to translate;
• The complexity of the text to be translated;
• The delay in which the client needs the translation.

We are available to translate a variety of content, such as websites, brochures, articles and legal documents. In a nutshell, we will translate anything you need to better position yourself and to promote your products or services with your clientele.

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